Thursday, December 31, 2009


well folks its new years eve and yes i am now looking for a job i just lost my job yea who would have figure. well when one door closes another opens its all good. Now i can start looking for work in my field i have a AA degree in media production and a certificate in Graphic Design. I need to find a office job let me know send me a email. Yes i do have a resume I keep a resume because you never know what could happen, because you never know. Well My ex job was were stressful and i glad that i no longer work there. Where i use to work the store was a mess when i got it, the manager who had it before i got it had trashed it. They were using the file cabinet as a storage cabinet it has cords and light bulbs in it. They used FedEx mailers as the file cabinet which they would mark with black marker. funny thing is when they old manage had it before me no one came around to check up on his nothing him and his pt were stealing right under gnc nose. funny thing is the old manager now has a health store online which sells gnc products at a discounted price. here's something else the guards that gnc hire to guard the store the company name is code 3 why did the guard know they were stealing didn't say nothing but when i was trying to let the company know no one wanted to listen or here it. I was working 3 months straight without help because no one wanted to help. I finally find a pt worker who wanted to work but now i no longer work there. well life goes on its all good i will live. Well it New Years eve not sure what i will do i will spend it with my boo. So if you have any questions just email me

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What a day its windy and cold here on Myhn

maryland. FYI Sunday I finally got my hair done. I see we all made it through Christmas now newyears is coming. So what does everyone have plan I will be working until 5pm. I don't have much to blog today but stay tune.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have been told by my clients new and old that I'm a good hairstylist. I just took it as a compliment and never really gave it that much thought. But, after 2 of my clients recently relocated to other states it was brought to my attention again. Not only are they juggling with the idea of settling into a new place along with life outside of California, which appear to be the least of their concern, they are on a weekly pursuit in search of a hairstylist. Not just any ole' hairstylist but a GOOD hairstylist. How do you find one?
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Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
a pen and paper
a computer
your car
Step 1
First lets determines what you think is a good hairstylist. Many express what they don't like but lets express what we do. For example I love a great shampoo this would be one of my qualifications in my determining what makes a good hairstylist. I also really care about products that are used. Panteen Prov isn't gonna cut it for me. So take a second and write out a list that reflects all of your qualifications in other words things you like and want in your GOOD hairstylist.
Step 2
Second location location location, how far are you willing to travel. Unfortunately there may not be a salon around the corner from your house so you will have to commute. I would be willing to travel up to 15 miles one way a total of 30 miles. Also, what day of the week would you prefer to get your hair done? I love Tuesday.
Step 3
Once you've determined that think of your friends and family is there anyone who's hair looks great all the time? If so start there ask where they get there hair done and ask questions regarding your list; does he/she give a great shampoo? What type of products does he/she use? You will be surprised at how honest they will be if they like or don't like their stylist. On the flip side if you do not know of anyone with great hair turn on your computer. Google search engine is great you can look up any and everything. With that being said SEARCH! I feel like this I am a hairstylist and just as much work as I put into doing my clients hair I do just as much with my blog and my Ehow. This too is a great way to find a good hairstylist.
Step 4
Now that we have some potentials the true test can be given. I don't like calling some one I don't know about setting up an appointment why you may ask? The answer is because money and my hair are involved two very important things. If the stylist is referred to me I'm going to go in when the person who referred me has their appointment to do 2 important things. 1. See the salon 2. See how the stylist approaches me. First impressions are important and we as hairstylist know that. If I've gone on an internet hunt I will go into the salon on a busy day on purpose. To first see how busy the stylist I've chosen is and also to see his/her approach towards me. At that time I will determine if I'm going to set up an appointment. If I'm not on to the next. You have your list so you know what you want keep looking.
Step 5
After going to either the personal referral or the internet referral you are still not happy don't quit or give up think of it as dating. Search again you are bound to find someone. I speak from experience I haven't always done hair.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Well what a weekend we got a lot of snow. It was so much that my company sent us home also the annapolis mall even closed at 4pm. The Sunday me and hubby has to dig the car out again just to get to work. So with the weather being bad I didn't get my hair done. So now I am really looking for a good hair dresser must be in the Maryland area. Need samples of Work and references if able to give. She or he had to be flexible. Must know how to do thick long hair if you know someone send info to thanks guys feel free to pass on the blog and info.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I AM so happy, I have my new htc hero its awesome i must say they only thing i miss from my pre is the cards that's it. this device does it all. But let me tell you whats been going on with me. Well as you know I had a bday DEC 17 Yes i turn 34Yea i know i look 21 HA..HA..HA. I was working because i am the only worker n my store but I have a new person starting Saturday. Well i should say i had she went to the hospital today with chest pains. When she gets out and feel better she still has a job. I wonder if everyone is ready for all the snow we are suppose to get in the area i for one don't mind the snow i just hate the ice, but if it snows tooo bad me and hubby might not be able to make it to work.I really dont know how that would work out if i cant make it in, because i am the only worker and the only one with a store key to open the store. I will cross my fingers maybe it wont snow. well enough of talking of the snow. like i have stated before if your reading the blog and you like to guest write for me let me know, i would love to have a bunch of folks guest blog, it could be maybe something that you want to get off your chest or maybe you have a story/poem you like to share if you do just email at same thing for my YouTube channel if you like to submit a video feel free to do so the channel is you can email all questions to also I love to network i am on facebook
and i am on twitter
If you have any concerns or have questions you like me to answer feel free to email me. Well I hope everyone is having a good day and you stay warm. remember if no one tells you your loved remember GODS LOVE YOU no matter what the haters say. Take care and thanks for Reading stay tune because i always have something to write and i try not to keep it too long. So take care and GOD BLESS.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am going to cry, My palm pre has done it again i am so angry at this device. The palm pre was suppose to be the device of all devices. i was suppose to keep this one until 2011 when my contract was up. So let me tell you about this plam pre and what my issues were. ok first it was giving me code 129 which is a connection error code, then it wasn't liking my yahoo password so i deleted the account and restarted the phone. Well that didn't work because when i tired to re add the account omg i got this long yahoo email error. so as you know i was calling and calling sprint. matter of fact called so much and had so many replacement phones that on my account it just said i had to go to the store. but what really finally did it for me was when i was trying to send a tweet and one of the keys got stuck. yes got stuck it wouldn't come unstuck so i had to restart the phone. well when it came back on the keyboard didn't work at all good thing hubby was off work he took it to the store. everytime hubby took it to the sprint store i made sure to write detailed notes about the issues i am having and i also made sure to date them and write the error code and the errors i got. Yes i do all of that when my pre would act up i would write down the day and time in my Franklin covey planner that hubby picked out for me at his store in the Annapolis mall. So today i called the store manager at sprint and i asked him if i could just get another phone. He said sure so now i have a htc hero. the hero seem cool i have to get use to the onscreen keyboard but i am loving all the apps we have its a good phone. but Ive said enough if u have a pre and your having issues feel free to email me or just comment here if u like. FYI I HAD 4 PLAM PRES YES 4

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Well folks today is Sunday and i was suppose to get my hair done, but my stylist wasn't feeling well. so now me and hubby had to find something to do so first we were going to go to the movies but the movies didn't start until 10pm and it was going to be 2 hours long, so we didn't go to the movies so we went to get something to eat. so we got some snacks and came back home to watch movies. at least i will get to be early maybe never know. well that's all for today my blogs will get better when i have more to blog about but thanks for taking a look, also if you know of someone who like to do a guest blog let me know send me a email to if u get time check my YouTube out i also have facebook matter of fact i am all over the net. I hope everyone have a nice day take care.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well i finally did it finally got a blog.....Ummmm what to write, Well nothing much to say ohhh if you don't know yet. I am getting married Oct 16 2010 yea i am so happy about that I Love my boo he is the best man for real, he is nice, he loves to see me happy and i love seeing him happy. The in-laws love me and love him yes my folks love him to death. Its funny when he comes to my house for real my pops love telling him story's he is well liked. Same for me his mom and granny love me too. I am the daughter she never had My hubby is the only child. Yes this is him and i first marriage. We don't have any kids yet after the wedding we will try for one Give my folks and his folks a grand baby. I am still working as a store manager and i am looking for a sales person who would like to work its a part-time job which we pay hourly and you do get commission. My store is in bmore so if this sounds like something you like to do tell your Friends,Family, email me the resume to also forgot to say we still looking for folks to decorate the wedding hall, someone to take pictures and video of everything. also you got to check out my youtube its funny for real here's the link


Thanks for looking at my blog. Here you will find things about me and life, Also if you like to be a guest blogger just ask. I am always looking for new folks to help.

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