Friday, March 26, 2010


Whats up folks just coming here to say hi just been busy with family and what not. so here's my update first of all i am now selling E.L.F products they have makeup and bath stuff most of the makeup is as low as 1.00 here's the link

Also my granny is in the hospital been there for almost three weeks she now has a colon infection, so please pray for my family. she is doing better but not OK she is still in the i.c.u unit and has lost some weight.

I am still getting married Oct 16 and we still need party favs and someone to take the pictures and do the video. We have all the equipment all we need is some one to operate it.

I do YouTube also so come over and take a look also if you need a video done just ask, also i do video editing and picture editing.

If theres anything you want to see me do on my channel that's all, and if you have any questions just ask.

Also i am in the process of looking for a job either for a retail place in management,office,or media.graphic job. If you know of any openings for any of the things i listed let me know. Fell free to email me there names and phone numbers to also if you know of someone who knows of someone who is hiring let me know that's also every little bit helps.

I hope everyone who is reading this is doing well don't forget to visit my website at


Thanks for looking at my blog. Here you will find things about me and life, Also if you like to be a guest blogger just ask. I am always looking for new folks to help.

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My New WebSite
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