Sunday, October 30, 2011

prize haul

got questions

ipad 2 review short

hair style of the day

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ask me anything

What's your honest opinion of me? (if your brave you'll press ask followers)

well when i first meet you i really didnt like you but then you rubbed off on me your really cool you just have a lot fo different views and i like that.

Ask me anything

Tell me 3 reasons why I should like you?

ummm ive been a lon online friend, i can talk about anything and i love gadgets

Ask me anything

When looking for a friend what is one trait you find most appealing?

trust and being honest

Ask me anything

Ask me 5 questions, please?

i have none

Ask me anything

They say money is the key to happiness. Would you lower your standards for a man who was a straight baller but treated you bad? Meaning you could pretty much do what you want.

hell naw

Ask me anything

Do you use illicit drugs?

never have in my life so i have to say nope

Ask me anything

Why do people waste their time find things to pick on them about, instead of minding their own business?

because they have no life

Ask me anything

rate me on looks 1-10. and if you have the balls press the ask followers button.

6 i dont know

Ask me anything

What makes someone a perfect 10 to you?

the way they treat me and the way they handle them self and i how they interacte with there mom and dad

Ask me anything

Who is the last friend you made?

i make friends all the time cant say

Ask me anything

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Lifestyle change

heres my new video its  of  before and after pictures of my weight loss  please comment thumbs up and subscribe


Thanks for looking at my blog. Here you will find things about me and life, Also if you like to be a guest blogger just ask. I am always looking for new folks to help.

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My New WebSite

My New WebSite
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My weigh loss

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