Saturday, January 16, 2010

American Best

This place is a rip off. Yes a rip off why do they say glasses for 69 dollars not. they try to get over on you big time. they are also slow very slow when i was begin rung up it took the guy at least 5 times to ring it up. the first three times he tried by himself, the other time he had assit. Then when they could do it the manager came over and took care of the rest. They add on stuff you dotn want and don't need with out telling you it cost more money. I started asking questions because my bill was 289 yes very high wtf I just lost my job i couldn't pay that so they tell me its that high because we are making the lens lighter. I said umm no thank you i dont need that. So after taking that off it was 188.95 i got was two pair of glasses that's it and a Field test that they charge you 15 dollars for that's it nothing more nothing less. I could have gone somewhere else for cheaper to get my glasses this will be the last time i shop there every again and my glasses are only single line,i think that's what you call it. what a shame here's how the bill reads visual field/fdt exam 15.00 new eg exam/no charge sv plastic uncoated i have it twice on my bill that was free too, spl-2 for 29.98 that's the glasses then bvl-best value lens package 46.00 clear tint solid free, product protection plane free, scratchoat -scratch coat free , never glare advantage ar coating 35.00 and rh 200 the other pair for 39.97 and bvl best value lens package 23.00 thats what i was charged. If you had better luck with company let me know.

Motorola MotoROKR S9-HD

Well folks i finally got my MoroROKR s9-hd stereo I got mine in white. they come in black and white. The sound is awesome its very light weight. I have used them for my HTC hero and my ipod touch. Fyi if you want to use voice commands with them on your itouch it wont work sorry. you can see hear your music. They work well with my cell phone it does voice commands and everything. The headset is bluetooth it has a nice sound they run between 89-100 dollars depends on where you get them. they come with two set of ear buds. they are 1.1 ounce s9-HD measures 5.0 by 5.1 by 1.9 inches. They sit in the back of your head. On the left side you have the play and track and skip button. On the right side you have a multi function button for voice command and volume control. In the back of the device you have your usb for charging the device and the power button for turning it on and pairing it up with other devices. This is a very good device for working out its sweat proof too so go out and buy a pair.

Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Foods to Eat MORE of to Lose Weight

8 Foods to Eat MORE of to Lose Weight

By Lucy Danziger, SELF Editor-in-Chief - Posted on Mon, Jan 11, 2010, 5:05 pm PST

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If you are looking to drop a few pounds, but don't like to diet, you're going to love what I'm about to tell you: By focusing on eating more of certain weight-loss superfoods, rather than obsessing about which nibbles are off-limits, you can reach your weight loss goal without feeling an ounce of deprivation or pang of hunger.

Pile these winners on your plate and watch the numbers on the scale plummet!

1) Pasta
Practice that fork twirl! Turns out you can enjoy spaghetti, rigatoni and all the rest, and still drop pounds—as long as you opt for a 100-percent-whole-wheat version. Whole grains contain more fiber, so it takes a smaller serving to satisfy you than standard spaghetti would. Boil up a pot for a speedy supper—just stick to a 1-cup cooked serving topped with marinara and supplement with steamed veggies to keep a lid on calories. Check out these five recipes that'll help keep your noodles nutritious.

2) Fish
Remember that corny joke about the "see food" diet? The vitamin D in fatty swimmers such as wild salmon may curb your appetite, according to research from the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. Marinate your fave fillet in a mixture of lime juice, garlic and cumin; chill for 20 minutes, then grill for 10 minutes per inch of thickness, flipping once.

3) Veggies
Putting a generous amount of low-calorie, high-fiber fruits and vegetables on your plate before adding a smaller portion of carbs fills you up without bulking you up. In fact, by eating at least 34 grams of fiber per day, you’ll absorb up to 6 percent fewer calories. Toss 1/4 cup navy beans on your salad (5 g), add a half cup of raspberries to your cereal (4 g), snack on an apple with the skin (3.3 g) or pair a baked sweet potato (3.8 g) with your dinner. Organic local produce often has more nutrients, so opt for pesticide-free when possible.

4) Fat
Yes, you read that right! Despite its name, not all fat will make you fat. In fact, the healthy kind helps you feel full, so you'll eat less over the course of a day. It also aids your body's absorption of the vitamins in other things you eat. Add a bit of healthy fat to each meal and snack, such as almond butter on an apple and olive oil on your greens, to stay satisfied and head off cravings. Looks like we should start calling fat "slim!"

5) Flax
Want to squeeze even more power from your sandwich? Choose bread that contains flax—these seeds have lignan, a phytoestrogen that may help you slim. Aim for a loaf that also has at least 3 g of fiber per 100 calories and is made from 100 percent whole grains (all the flour and all the grains should be whole). Four grams of fiber and fewer than 120 calories per slice, and is made from filling stone-ground wheat, says SELF contributing editor Janis Jibrin, R.D. Bored of the same old PB&J? Try one of these 6 souped-up sandwiches from top chefs.

6) Snacks
Fueling up on a 150-calorie snack in between meals means you're less likely to vacuum up your lunch and dinner. Stash smart, shelf-stable nibbles such as nuts, dried fruit, energy bars and whole-grain crackers in your desk drawer, and make hummus, sliced veggies and string cheese permanent fixtures in your fridge—they're your edible insurance against overeating! Find more slim snacking tips in our guide.

7) Eggs
Sunny-side up or over easy, an egg a day keeps the weight away! According to research, people who had eggs for breakfast ate fewer calories over the next 24 hours than those who scarfed predominantly carbs—yet they were more satisfied! Research shows you can have seven a week without raising your risk of heart disease. If you’re typically a bit, well, scrambled, in the morning, make a veggie frittata on Sunday and nuke a slice to eat each day during the week. Get cracking!

8) Spices
Want to curb hunger while adding flavor? Grab a shaker! Seasonings like cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary and sage offer major flavor for almost no fat and calories, making good-for-you foods as delicious as they are healthy. And research shows 2 teaspoons of red pepper flakes on your pasta can help you eat fewer calories and fat at later meals. Make this spice and others a part of your life and you'l look hot, hot, hotter than ever!

For easy tweaks that make a big difference, try the Jump Start Diet plan at and lose big—no calorie math required!

Get a FREE Healthy Recipe Book download!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


who would have know that losing my job would be the best thing for me. The folks who know me i was always coughing up stuff and blowing my nose. I had a life supply of mucinex dm an delsym. On top of that i had cough drops and tissues. what a shame. Also my legs and arms and heels always hurt. But not anymore nope i feel so good now that i don't work there anymore to be honest I think my store was making me sick because it had a lot of dust, because i had no help for 2 months. I am not even sure when they last time the vents were even changed. So i think god my family and hubby for all there support also my friends and fans and online folks. I am very skilled to fine something so i know with gods will it will be. I have degrees an graphic design and media production. I have a way with words yes i do write poetry too. I do a lot of things most folks don't think i do. I am cute and have a brain yes i do. A new year a new me. Now going off of the subject i got my eyes checked yes i do wear glasses now and then i have to wear them more often now. When i get them back I will post some pictures on my facebook and here. If you know of someone hiring let me know: I am looking for a office job/Graphic design job for now I don't think i am going back into doing retail too much wear and tear on my body. So if you have leads send it to Yes i do have a resume. I do freelance work too so if you need something done just ask and i will quote you a price thanks for reading. Feel free to pass on my blog. Comment and job my facebook almost for got to tell you guys a week before i got laid off from my job a ladder in the store really fell on my head. But I wasn't hurt bad there was no blood. So everyone have a blessed day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year New Me

Well we all have made to 2010. No matter what you did for the new year rather it was good or bad, we all can think god that we are still here and living we have our health. We all know our jobs are not guarantee, I for one know that company look out for them self for real. Take the company i use to work for the assit. Manager would sleep on the damn job and half do the work, i even had pictures of him sleep and showed my boos she did nothing at all nothing while i was doing the job of two people. that's life most companies will fuck you over and not even thing twice about it i could write a book about my old job. My job hunting is going very good. I finally can rest no more working for 3 months straight with no help from the company no more crying and stressing over it nope that's all gone. This year is my year and i will be doing big things in 2010 you better believe that all eyes on me. Yea soon i will be making some more YouTube video with some of my poetry i have written yea i would be putting them on my blog also and building my graphic design skills and media production skills i have many talents lots if you need a list of them just ask. I put all my faith on GOD he has my back and he has yours. well that's enough for today will be writing more soon.


Thanks for looking at my blog. Here you will find things about me and life, Also if you like to be a guest blogger just ask. I am always looking for new folks to help.

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